Polish electoral commission to hold four conferences on election day

Marcin Obara/PAP

The State Electoral Commission (PKW) will hold four press conferences on Sunday, the day of the second round of presidential election in Poland.

The PKW will hold its press conferences at 10 am, 1:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 10 pm, to present turnout figures and to provide information on the course of voting and on any possible incidents.

Polling stations opened at 7 am and will close at 9 pm.

Election silence in Poland came into force at midnight on Friday and will last until the end of voting.

After the vote, Poland’s public TV and two private broadcasters TVN and Polsat will present exit poll results, which will be conducted by the Ipsos pollster outside randomly selected polling stations.

PKW head Sylwester Marciniak said on Friday that, in an optimistic scenario, the official results of the presidential run-off could come late Monday or in the night from Monday to Tuesday. Otherwise, the final results will be announced by 11 pm on July 14 at the latest.