Polish Economic Exhibition attracts visitors with interactive flair

President Duda opens the exhibition in company of the best known Polish folk group "Mazowsze". Kalbar/TFN

An exhibition of business and entrepreneurialism has opened in Warsaw, with a focus on both the future and the past.

Spread over four weeks at the capital’s historic Piłsudski Squar, each week will show a different aspect of business throughout Polish history. 

The event kicked off with a focus on the present and the future, with start-ups showing off their latest innovations in 3-D technology. 

3D printers of Polish start-up selling its goods to 50 countries.Kalbar/TFN

Zortax, an Olsztyn-based company doing work for NASA and Australian universities, demonstrated its impressive line-up of 3-D artificial limbs, dentures and toys while later in the week, Poznań entrepreneurs Jakub Lubonski and Marcin Lotysz from BIN-e will be demonstrating their new intelligent bin, which does the waste sorting by itself.

Apart from the products, exhibitors will also be giving workshops, lectures and meetings on how to become an international success. 

The exhibition will also look back at early Polish innovation successes. 

Each pillar has a description of a successful Polish company from the last 100 years.Kalbar/TFN

In reference to the world’s first portable mine detector, Violetta Pruchnik, deputy director from the Presidential Office in Warsaw said: “Visitors can learn about the Polish detector, which has been used in many countries all over the world but only few are aware that it was developed by a Pole, Jozef Kosacki.”

She added: “We want to take visitors into the past too, so we organised some workshops to teach them how to make butter or cheese in the way it was done in Poland 100 years ago, or how to produce porcelain.”

Schoolboys check out products of new companies.Kalbar/TFN

The exhibition is seen as being a forerunner to next year’s event at the National Stadium which will play host to an exhibition presenting Poland’s biggest achievements business and the economy over the last century.