Polish e-car batteries set to become export hit - daily

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Poland could become a European centre for the production of electric car batteries on the back a flourishing export market, a leading newspaper has reported.

Rzeczpospolita wrote on Monday that although there is a huge gap between the number of electric cars in Poland and other EU countries, Poland is swiftly becoming a European leader in the production of e-car batteries.

The newspaper reported that according to a balance of payments analysis by the National Bank of Poland, in Q3 2020, exports to Germany, Poland's most important trading partner, grew mainly due to exports of electric-car components, especially batteries.

The value of battery exports increased five-fold year on year in the third quarter to over PLN 2 billion (EUR 446.5 million). "This was due to the strong demand caused by the switch by German companies to the production of electric cars," wrote the paper.

Along with Germany, France and Italy had also increased orders for batteries.