Polish docs jet into Italy to relieve exhausted COVID-19 medical staff

The doctors will hep relive exhausted Italian medical teams. PCPM

A team of doctors is flying out to Italy today to help the country in its fight against coronavirus. 

The 15 medical staff from the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) and the Military Institute of Medicine will fly to the northern region of Lombardy where deaths on Sunday had risen to 6,360 - and increase of 416 in just one day. 

The team which leaves Monday will be on sight for 10 days where they will relieve exhausted Italian medical staff.

The Polish doctors will be at the location for 10 days. PCPM

President of the PCPM, Dr Wojciech Will, said: “In Italy, there are more than three times more deaths due to coronavirus than in China. 

“The health system is on the verge of disaster. That is why we decided that the PCPM Medical Emergency Team, certified by the World Health Organization, will be helping there along with the doctors of the Military Institute of Medicine. 

Michał Madeyski, coordinator of the PCPM Medical Rescue Team said that most the time the team “will be in the contaminated zone, therefore we have taken special protective measures and take additional equipment.”PCPM

“We are helping now from Italy, but it is not excluded that in a few weeks we will need the help and solidarity of other European Union countries.”

The doctors will return on April 19th.