Polish deputy minister says Poland treated unfairly by EC

Marcin Obara/PAP

Pawel Jablonski, a Polish deputy foreign minister, has accused the European Commission (EC) of treating Poland unfairly when it comes to the EC's delay in granting Warsaw the long-awaited post-pandemic recovery funds over a rule-of-law dispute.

Jablonski told Polish Radio One on Monday that the EC "is resorting to various measures, also unfair ones."

"Certainly, what surrounds the Polish National Recovery Plan (KPO) is such an unfair measure that has no basis in the treaties," Jablonski continued. "Here the Commission has been delaying the approval of the Polish KPO for a very long time."

In the spring of 2021, Poland filed its plan of how to use tens of billions of euros from the Next Generation EU fund aimed at spurring growth in Europe's coronavirus-battered economies, but the EC has said Warsaw must first reform its justice system to comply with rulings issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

One of the CJEU's requirements for Poland is to shut down a contested disciplinary panel for judges, but the government has done nothing to implement the ruling for months, despite several declarations to do so. This may be due to a split in the government itself, where a small government ally opposes any concessions to Brussels, threatening government stability.

The EUR 807-billion Next Generation EU is an unprecedented aid package that the bloc has prepared to counter the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Poland is the fourth biggest beneficiary of the EU recovery money and is expected to receive about EUR 60 billion split between subsidies and preferential loans.