Polish defence minister says Russian empire must not be reborn

Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

The Polish defence minister hase said that the Russian empire must be prevented from being reborn for the good of Europe and the free world.

Mariusz Blaszczak met his Croatian counterpart Mario Banozic for talks at a military base at Bemowo Piskie, where a group of eFP (Enhanced Forward Presence) soldiers is stationed.

The group is made up of soldiers from Poland, Croatia, the United States, Romania and Great Britain.

Speaking after their meeting Blaszczak said that the two had agreed on continuing support for Ukraine.

“It is important for the security of Europe and the free world that the Russian empire is not reborn," he explained.

Banozic said that the joint multi-national exercises "are very good for learning something new in a short time".

He added that he hoped another contingent of soldiers from his country would soon arrive in Poland.