Polish defence contractor PGZ to make Patriot missile transporters

Jelcz and Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia (WZU), divisions of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), will produce tractor units to transport missiles for Poland's Patriot air defence system, PGZ has announced.

"Companies of the Polish Armaments Group have concluded contracts for the delivery of vehicles earmarked for transporting missiles that form part of the equipment of the battery of the Wisla system," PGZ stated on Wednesday.

The contract foresees that WZU will build eight special transporters - transport and loading vehicles on Jelcz chassis that form part of the battery of the medium-range Wisla air-defence system," PGZ stated on Wednesday. "The vehicles will be equipped with communications and information systems. Delivery is scheduled for 2021-2022."

PGZ went on to explain that the 8x8 tractor units and 4x4 vehicles are currently under intensive verification testing at a military technical institute in Sulejowek, near Warsaw.

The Patriot batteries, delivered to Poland in the first of two phases provided for in the Wisla programme, will be equipped with launchers, to be built by the Huta Stalowa Wola company with other PGZ units, namely Jelcz and WZU, also participating.

Poland purchased Patriot units in March 2018 from American defence contractor Raytheon as part of the Wisla medium-range air defence programme. The value of the contract was USD 4.75 billion of which over PLN 700 million (EUR 155.43 million) will go to Polish industry under offset arrangements, the total value of which stands at PLN 950 million (EUR 210.95 million).