Polish currency down following Russia's attack on Ukraine

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

The Polish zloty has weakened after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

At 0630 hrs on Thursday morning, the Polish zloty weakened by over 6 groszes to the EUR, and by over 8 groszes to the USD.

The Polish zloty against the USD stood at 4.139, down by ca. 2.22 percent, and against the EUR - at 4,646, down by nearly 1.5 percent.

The EUR has also been affected by the war started by Russia. At 0630 hrs, the EU common currency against the USD stood at 1.222, down by over 0.7 percent.

European and US stock exchanges were closed during the Russian attack. But Russia's invasion has a strong impact on Asian stock markets. Market benchmarks in Tokyo fell by over 2 percent and in Hong Kong by more than 3 percent.