Polish Council of Christians and Jews awards Greek-Catholic priest

A Greek-Catholic priest from the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God Church in Komańcza (south-east Poland) is the laureate of the Father Roman Indrzejczyk award for 2018.

The Polish Council of Christians and Jews awards the title to Christian clergymen working for Christian-Jewish dialogue. This year it granted the title to Father Andrzej Żuraw "for his contribution to Christian-Jewish dialogue and reconciliation."

Father Żuraw will receive the distinction during a ceremony in Komańcza.

Father Indrzejczyk was the deputy chairman of the Council, committed to ecumenism and famous for his friendly and open attitude towards Jews and their religion. He accompanied the late President Lech Kaczyński on his last trip to the Katyń Forest in 2010, and was killed in a plane crash on April 10, 2010 near Smoleńsk, Russia, together will all 95 passengers on board.

The Polish Council of Christians and Jews was established in 1989 to promote mutual understanding of Christians and Jews, to overcome stereotypes and deepen inter-religious contacts.