Polish communes get almost EUR 7 mln from EU for renovation works

Warsaw's suburban municipalities, such as Żyrardów, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Maków Mazowiecki and Błonie (central Poland) have received over PLN 27.2 mln (EUR 6.3 mln) of EU funds in the scope of the Regional Operational Programme of Mazowieckie province.

Żyrardów and its partner communes, such as Michałowice, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Milanówek, Podkowa Leśna and Pruszków gained almost PLN 14 mln (EUR 3.2 mln). The funds are intended for the construction of over 10 kilometres of new bicycle lanes and the reconstruction of 1.8 kilometres of existing ones. The city of Żyrardów also received PLN 6.4 mln (EUR 1.5 mln) for building and renovation work on ten residential buildings.

The programme envisages the revitalisation of the communes' infrastructure as well as the installation of accompanying infrastructure, including cycle repair stations, bicycle racks, rest areas and path lighting.

The renovation of 20 residential buildings will also be carried out in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, which received PLN 5.1 mln (EUR 1.2 mln) of EU funds. The works include, among others, thermal efficiency improvements to facilities.

PLN 1.3 mln (EUR 301,617) were also provided to Maków Mazowiecki, which envisages the renovation of residential buildings.

Błonie commune, which also belongs to the Mazowieckie province, will receive over PLN 440,000 (EUR 102 085) for the construction of a Park and Ride scheme in Bieniewice.

The communes are to receive the funds in the scope of the Regional Operational Programme of Mazowieckie province for 2014-2020. Mazowsze has a total of PLB 8 bln (EUR 1.8 bln) for renovation purposes. Local governments and entrepreneurs from the scientific and nongovernmental sectors may also submit applications for additional funds. The maximum endowment is 80 percent of the project's value. According to the local government of Mazowieckie province, 31 competitions are planned for 2018.