Polish city receives protective masks from its Chinese partner city

The southern Polish city of Kielce has received 12,000 protective masks from Taizhou, its Chinese partner city, announced the mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta.

Earlier this year, the partnership cities of Taizhou and Yuyao had turned to the authorities of Kielce for assistance in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. Thanks to the mediation of Kielce local self-government officials, the Chinese purchased thermometers, which were unavailable in their country at that time.

Now the Chinese side has returned the favour by shipping 12,000 protective masks to Kielce from Taizhou.

Wenta thanked the authorities of the Chinese city for their help and added: "We are in constant contact with our partners from China in order to exchange information on the availability of protective equipment for all medical services, as well as for institutions providing security and efficient city management."