Polish, Chinese medics discuss coronavirus

Physicians from a contagious disease hospital in Poznan, western Poland, and the Third People's Hospital in Poznan's Chinese partner city of Shenzen discussed ways of combating the coronavirus during a Thursday video conference.

Present at the meeting was Poznan Mayor Jacek Jaskowiak.

The Poznan hospital is currently treating 56 patients, 18 of whom have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Discussed were experiences in the application of fast coronavirus tests and therapies for treating the COVID-19 disease caused by the virus.

The Chinese side acquainted the Poles with self-developed diagnostic and treatment solutions and provided them with a self-authored guide on curbing the disease as well as a handbook for home-quarantined persons.

The Chinese physicians also answered questions related to the treatment of coronavirus patients and the coronavirus testing of medical staff.

Poznan authorities said on Thursday that the meeting helped in working out effective treatment procedures.

Poznan and Shenzen have been partner cities since 1993.