Polish bulldozer receives 'Oscar of design' award

Red Dot/Press materials

The TD-16N caterpillar bulldozer produced in Stalowa Wola, southeastern Poland, has become the first item of construction machinery produced in Poland ever to win the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award, known as the 'Oscar of design.'

LiuGong Dressta Machinery, the bulldozer's producer, announced in a press release that the machine had been awarded the distinction in March at the ConExpo fair in Las Vegas.

The design team was given a clearly defined but challenging task: to create a construction machine distinguished by outstanding visibility from the cabin and adapted to the needs of demanding customers, a company press release explained.

According to Executive Director of New Technology at LiuGong Ed Wagner, one of the design team leaders, the key to solving the task was "listening to the operator."

"We literally started with the operator, the blade and the tracks and then built everything around them without compromise,” he said, as quoted on the company website. The result is a dozer with unrivalled all-round visibility encompassing 309 degrees, the website states.

According to Executive Director of Industrial Design Gary Major: “We set out to create the best visibility in class – I think we’ve achieved that, but the real test is to put a seasoned operator in a cab and ask him.”

Apart from visibility, another priority was safety, hence the design team included non-slip steps at the rear of the machine, at the same time entirely eliminating the need to enter across the caterpillar tracks. The TD-16N is the only dozer in its size class with such access.

"Controls are easily accessible, intuitive, and easy to use thanks to the electro-hydraulic joysticks," the LiuGong Dressta Machinery website states.