Polish book and plays at PesText festival in Hungary

Polish book and plays at PesText festival in Hungary Arek Markowicz/PAP

A book by Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk, translated into Hungarian by Lajos Palfavi, was presented on the first day of the PesText literary festival in Budapest. The festival focuses on literary works of Visegrad Group artists.

Fragments of the book titled "How I Became a Writer" (Jak zostalem pisarzem) were read by Hungarian actors, and a discussion with its translator followed.

The next meeting, also held on Tuesday as part of the festival's events, focused on the anthology of plays by Boguslaw Schaeffer, translated into Hungarian by Patricia Paszt. Schaeffer was a Polish composer, musicologist, and graphic artist, and the author of 46 plays translated into 17 languages. The ten translated by Paszt will appear in Hungary later this year.

The Polish Embassy in Hungary and the Polish Institute in Budapest are partners of the PesText International Literary Festival, which will end on Friday.

The Visegrad Group comprises Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.