Polish banks among digital leaders says report

The degree of digitisation of the Polish banking sector is above the global average, a study by the consulting company Deloitte has shown.

The "Digital Banking Maturity 2022" report, published on Thursday, is based on an analysis of 304 banks in 41 countries.

The banks analysed were divided into four categories: digital champions who set the directions for digitisation of the banking sector, the contenders (digital smart followers) who try to imitate the industry leaders, digital adopters, who are in the early stages of digitising their business, and those who have the greatest backlog in this area (digital latecomers).

The best results were achieved in the digital champions category which included 30 banks, six of which come from Poland, the report said.

According to the report, one of the advantages of the Polish banking sector is the ability to open an account using a smartphone and a banking application.

This option is offered by 80 percent of Polish banks, whereas among global digital leaders this figure is lower by as much as 13 percentage points, the study found.

According to the report’s authors, the Polish banking sector is aware of the benefits of expanding the offer of digital services and developing customer relationships.

According to Przemyslaw Szczygielski from Deloitte, "Polish banks have noticed that customers are looking for tools to manage personal funds, which became especially visible in times of high inflation."