Polish artists design jewellery with physiotherapeutic function

The Polish-designed jewellery combining aesthetic and physiotherapeutic functions has won the main Progress Prize at the annual Global Grad Show in Dubai, UAE, showcasing innovative works from the world's leading design schools.

The Miko+ jewellery with a wrist-movement supporting function was chosen from among 200 works submitted by universities from 43 countries.

It was designed by Ewa Dulcet and Martyna Swierczynska, graduates of the Poznan School of Form at the SWPS University in west-central Poland as part of their diploma project.

Dulcet became interested in the subject when she began to suffer from wrist pain, which, as she said, is now a frequent problem for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer using a mouse.

Although Miko+ was designed in co-operation with a physiotherapist, it is not meant to replace physiotherapy or orthotics, she stressed. "It is a support for the wrist and a reminder of exercises", she pointed out.

According to Swierczynska, one of the items in the Miko+ collection, a bracelet with a hemispherical eyelet, may help ease problems created by a prolonged incorrect position of the hand when working on a computer. "The semi-circular element forces the muscles to work in a more even manner," she said. "During work, the wrist rests on the eyelet, which pushes the wrist to move", Swierczynska explained.

Other items in the collection, including a ring, have round movable surfaces that can be used for massage, she added.