Polish army to call up 50,000 reservists for exercises - daily

Fifty thousand reservists will be called up this year for military exercises, including lawyers, doctors and drivers, the Rzeczpospolita daily wrote on Wednesday.

Chief of the General Staff General Rajmund Andrzejczak was reported by the daily as saying that one of his priorities for 2020 is training reserves. Media have already reported that as many as 80,000 people will be called up for training. However, Andrzejczak told Rzeczpospolita the figure would be 50,000.

"So, definitely more than last year," the paper wrote. "In 2019, about 39,000 reservists were called up. It can be expected that the exercises will be more intensive than now. More often than one-day training, longer training of five to 12 days will be organised."

The daily added that one of the aims is to qualify soldiers for other military specialties. The group called up is likely to include people from the medical, law and justice, and financial corps, as well as the priesthood, the Air Force, drivers, equipment operators and cooks.

"What is important, and was already visible last year, is that the army will call people up for exercises immediately, to report to their unit within four hours," Rzeczpospolita wrote.

The Chief of staff told the daily that reservists will be called up for longer exercises, including plans for their participation in the American Defender 2020 exercise and the Polish armed forces' Anakonda-20 manoeuvres.