Polish and Lithuanian rail companies sign freight contract

Marek Zakrzewski

Polish Railfreight Company PKP Cargo signed a contract with Lithuanian Railways that will improve cargo loading at railway border crossings between Poland and Lithuania, PKP Cargo informed PAP on Friday.

"Our cooperation with Lithuanian partners is going well. Maintaining operational contact helps to solve identified problems and improves the quality of our work in the field of cargo services at the point where two railway systems (1520 and 1435mm) meet. I am sure that we will jointly fulfil the planned tasks successfully," said Czesław Warsewicz, CEO of PKP Cargo, as quoted in a company press releaase.

Rrepresentatives of the two railway companies also discussed the possibilities of using the potential of Lithuanian station Mockawa and the Kaunas intermodal terminal in handling container trains from China through Lithuania to Poland, as well as issues related to digitization of transport documents and the use of CIM consignment note for transporting goods destined for the EU.