Polish ambassador to EU hosts meeting on aid for Ukraine

Poland's permanent representative at the EU has met with the ambassadors of Japan, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland and Lithuania to discuss assistance for Ukraine and sanctions on Russia.

Following the meeting hosted by Poland's Ambassador Andrzej Sados, Japan announced that it would tighten sanctions against Russia by means of expanding an export ban list, among other things. Tokyo's latest sanctions come after Russia launched missile attacks across Ukraine that killed at least 11 people on Thursday.

"In light of the situation surrounding Ukraine and to contribute to international efforts to secure peace, Japan will implement export bans in line with other major nations," Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said in a press release.

Among the new sanctions, Japan will prohibit shipments of items to 49 organisations in Russia from February 3 that could be used to enhance Moscow's military capability and will freeze the assets of some entities and individuals in Russia.