Polish air hub's first construction stage to cost EUR 2.77 bln - gov't

The first construction stage of Poland's Central Transportation Port (CPK), a major air, rail and road hub, will cost PLN 12.8 bln (EUR 2.77 bln) and the work will be financed mostly by bond issuances, the government's press office said on Wednesday.

"The programme does not require the involvement of budget funds in 2020-2023. The investment will be mostly carried out with Treasury bonds issued for this purpose," wrote the office.

The first construction stage is of a preparatory nature and involves planning and developing project guidelines. The process of purchasing land for the project will start in 2020.

The airport's master plan should be ready in 2021, and will be coupled with an environmental impact assessment. In 2023, the CPK will prepare an environmental impact report and an architectural blueprint for the passenger terminal.

According to earlier announcements by the Polish government, the first connections from the CPK can be expected in 2027, and the airport will become operational by the end of that year. Poland's biggest infrastructure investment project, the CPK will be a transit hub integrating air, rail and road traffic on a site 45 kilometres from central Warsaw covering an area of 3,000 square hectares. In its first phase, it is to service 45 million passengers a year, but capacity could eventually rise to 100 million.