Polish aid truck awaits clearance at Belarusian border

A humanitarian aid truck sent by the Solidarity (S) trade union to Minsk is stuck at the terminal on the Belarusian side of the border and was yet to be cleared to continue its journey, the S spokesman Marek Lewandowski told PAP on Thursday.

The Solidarity union organised a transport of food products, mainly canned goods, which was to be delivered to Minsk. The head of the Prime Minister's Office, Michal Dworczyk, wrote on Twitter about the stopping of the truck on Thursday morning, "For 12 hours on the PL-BY border there has been a transport of humanitarian aid from Solidarity for striking workers in Minsk, stopped by the Belarusian services." He also talked about it in an interview with Polsat News. "Belarusians detained these 18 tonnes. As yet there is no official justification," he said.

The National Tax Administration informed PAP that "the convoy with humanitarian aid was notified and then released for the export procedure at the Customs Department in Bialystok after 6pm. Then it continued to the border Customs Department in Bobrowniki, where it crossed the border at around 8pm."

"The truck is waiting for clearance on the Belarusian side, it cannot enter Belarus. Belarusians are multiplying formal obstacles. At the moment we are wondering what to do with it. If we make a decision, we will announce it," said the Solidarity spokesman.