Police detain suspect for threatening to kill Donald Tusk

Police in the northern Polish city of Gdańsk have detained a 48-year-old local resident suspected of making telephone death threats against European Council President and former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

"The man was detained at the flat where he lived. Police secured two mobile phones at the scene, which may have been used to issue telephone threats to kill Donald Tusk," Mariusz Chrzanowski of the Gdańsk police press office informed PAP.

The man allegedly called the 112 emergency number with threats to kill the European Council president. A recorded conversation was sent to police by staff of the local emergency services call centre. After receiving the report, the police secured the recorded conversation and informed the prosecutor. Information about the event was also sent to the nearby city of Sopot.

"There, Sopot police undertook actions towards protecting the target (of the threats - PAP)," Chrzanowski stated.

Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński announced on Tuesday that police had detained three people who, following the fatal attack on Gdańsk Mayor Paweł Adamowicz, had called for "further murders." He also appealed for common sense and the acceptance of responsibility for one's words.