Poles willingly engage in charitable activities - UNICEF spokesperson


Poles like to engage in charity not only financially, but also with their free time and good hearts, UNICEF Poland spokeswoman Monika Kacprzak told PAP on the occasion of the International Day of Charity falling on Saturday.

She noted that Poles were very generous when it comes to charity. "This is especially visible in activities where we appeal for help for the poorest countries or for poor children, then we really reach the hearts of the donors," Kacprzak said.

The spokesperson pointed out that schools play an important informational role about what is happening in the world and what the needs are in some regions. "I would like to express deep gratitude to schools and to teachers who provide information to parents and children," she said.

"For 15 years, we have supported UNICEF programmes with over PLN 100 million (EUR 22.47 million). The largest pool of funds donated by Poles went to Africa. Asia comes in second and South and Central America third," she observed.

The International Day of Charity, celebrated on September 5, is aimed at strengthening and increasing social responsibility among all people.