Poles tighten belts as inflation drives up prices

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Most Poles have cut their household budgets owing to inflation-driven price hikes, a survey published by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper on Thursday has revealed.

According to the NielsenIQ survey, 60 percent of those polled have reduced their basic expenses, 40 percent buy only the cheapest products, and 32 percent believe inflation and high prices will remain long after 2023.

Forty nine percent said they were not sure if they will be able to finance their daily needs.

In a commentary on the survey, Rzeczpospolita noted that although prices have risen over 20 percent, the inflation peak is yet to come, and is expected at the turn of October and November.

Citing a banking expert, the paper wrote that although further price hikes were imminent, they would not be so drastic as in the first half of the year.