Poles positive about government's actions to combat coronavirus

Seventy-one percent of Poles had positive opinions on the government's activities to combat the coronavirus threat, up by 23 percent compared to the previous week, the latest poll by the Social Changes pollster for the wPolityce.pl website shows.

According to the survey, 29 percent of Poles had "definitely positive" views about the government's activities, while 42 percent of them voiced "rather positive" opinions.

Five percent of respondents claimed the government operations to combat the virus threat are "definitely bad," while 13 percent of them were "rather negative" about the matter. The percentage of negative opinions fell by 6 percentage points compared to the previous week.

The portal added that not only supporters of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party had positive opinions (86 percent), but also 62 percent of Poles declaring themselves as supporters of the main opposition party Civic Platform (PO) positively assessed the Polish government's actions.

The survey was carried out on nation-wide representative sample of 1,065 Polish residents on March 13-17 by means of the computer-assisted personal interviewing method.