Poles positive about financial situation despite epidemic - survey

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

After six months of the COVID-19 epidemic, Poles still assess their financial situation as good, however, the proportion of pessimists in this matter has grown, according to a study by the Santander Consumer Bank (SCB).

The latest report "Poles' own wallet: a time of change" states that over 40 percent of Poles are optimistic about their own financial standing, down from 70 percent in comparison with the period before the epidemic.

Another 42 percent consider their finances as "average", while 15.2 percent assess their financial situation as "rather bad" and "very bad".

According to Piotr Dolata from SCB, comparing the results of the survey assessing Poles' finances before and after six months of the pandemic, "satisfaction has clearly decreased."

The SCB survey shows that the respondents who receive the 500 plus child benefit complain least about their finances. Over 51 percent parents obtaining the benefit for one child and 57 percent for two or more, assessed their situation as "very good" or "fairly good".

The worst ratings were recorded among Polish seniors over 60 years of age, the SCB study said.

The study was conducted on August 17-21 by phone, using a standardised computer-assisted questionnaire.

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