Poles most enthusiastic NATO members - Pew Research Center

Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

With 82 percent of Poles positive about their country's NATO membership, Poland recorded the highest results in a survey of 16 NATO member states conducted by the Pew Research Center.

In 2007, fewer Poles were positive about NATO membership with 72 percent declaring a positive perception.

The latest research by Pew claims that NATO is generally positively perceived by the societies of its member states, despite the tensions existing between the leaders of individual countries. Some 53 percent of respondents had positive perceptions of the alliance with 27 percent voicing the opposite opinion.

The least enthusiastic member country, according to the report, is Turkey with 21 percent support. The figure for the United States is 52 percent and for Germany 57 percent. The research also covered three non-member countries. Sweden and Ukraine positively perceived the alliance (63 and 53 percent respectively) while only 16 percent of Russians were positive about NATO.