Poles more optimistic about situation in country - poll

In early May, 35 percent of respondents to a CBOS poll assessed the situation in Poland as good, 5 percent more compared with an April survey.

Pessimistic viewpoints were down 9 percentage points (pps) with those describing the situation in the country as bad at 45 percent, according to the survey.

Respondents without an opinion on the national state of affairs were up 3 pps to 20 percent.

The evaluations of respondents depended chiefly on their political sympathies, with positive views dominating among supporters of the ruling party Law and Justice (together with junior coalition partners Agreement and Solidary Poland) and negative opinions being held by supporters of all opposition groupings.

The proportion of respondents who believed the situation would improve over the coming year stood at 26 percent (an increase of 6 pps on April), while 36 percent believed it would not change (up 2 pps), and 25 percent thought it would worsen (down 12 pps). Thirteen percent did not express an opinion on the matter.

The survey was conducted on May 6-16, 2021, in a mixed-mode procedure on a representative sample of 1,163 residents of Poland.