Poles may face higher food prices gov't official says

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

The prices of food in Poland may surge due to falling agricultural output, the head of the president's consultative body for agriculture has said.

Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, a former agriculture minister and now the head of the Council for Agriculture and Rural Areas, a consultative body for President Andrzej Duda, made the claim in the weekend edition of the Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik.

"It is estimated that the average fall in agricultural production in Poland will reach about 13 percent, and in particular groups, for example wheat, the decline may exceed 20 percent," he told the daily.

The market will face milk and meat shortages, Ardanowski said. "And when there's too little food, its prices will go up."

He also warned of the consequences of the European Green Deal, the EU's comprehensive plan for transforming the European economy into a more sustainable one, for Polish agriculture.

"We'll lose our export markets and thus an important sector of our economy will take a hit," Ardanowski said. "And we will see this already in 2023, because it is when the European Green Deal strategies are to be broadly introduced."