Poles less optimistic about future - survey

Thirty-nine percent of Poles are optimistic about the future, declaring that things in Poland are going well, while 45 percent believe the situation in the country is heading in the wrong direction, show the results of a new CBOS poll.

According to the poll, 15 percent of those polled did not have opinion on the matter, down by 2 percentage points (pps).

The proportion of optimists has fallen by 6 pps from the previous poll while the proportion of pessimists has risen by 7 percent from a month earlier.

Asked about the condition of the Polish economy, 36 percent said it was 'good' (down 4 pps), 27 percent thought it was 'bad' (up 2 pps) while 32 percent described it as 'average.'

Fifty-two percent of Poles also said that the political situation in the country would not change, up by 5 pps, and 14 percent believed the situation would improve, the poll said.

CBOS conducted the survey on September 7-17 on a representative sample of 1,149 adult Poles.