Poles fear financial straits due to Ukraine war - survey

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Sixty-three percent of Poles fear financial problems in connection with the Russia-Ukraine war, up 2 percentage points (pps) from April, a survey by Deloitte revealed on Wednesday.

Fifty-three percent said their main fears concerned politics (8 pps down) while 38 percent named social issues (3 pps down).

Various fears related to the war were named by 95 percent of the respondents, 12 percent of this group saying they were only slightly troubled by the conflict (4 pps down), 29 percent voicing moderate fears and 37 percent strong fears (4 pps down).

Among the major fears were fuel price hikes (69 percent), rising heating costs (65 percent, 3 pps up) and rising food prices (59 percent, 2 pps up).

Simultaneously, the percentage of respondents fearing the coronavirus pandemic has gone down from 27 to 18 percent, 27 pps down from February, Deloitte said.