Poles excluded from ski jumping World Cup event

Grzegorz Muranka/PAP

Poland’s ski jumping team has been excluded from the opening round of the annual Four Hills Tournament after one of the team tested positive for Covid-19.

The dpa and APA news wires reported that the team had been disqualified after jumper Klemens Muranka returned a positive test.

The Poles had been due to compete on Monday at Obersdorf in Germany in the World Cup event that kicks off the Four Hills.

Poland's seven-man team also includes Kamil Stoch, and Dawid Kubacki, who won the previous tournament.

Stock and Kubacki, the dpa reported, were among the favourites to win the Four Hill’s title.

"Depending on the results of further tests, it is possible that the Poles at some point will appear in the Four Hills Tournament, but after not being in the inaugural event they have no chance of winning," the news service added.

The qualifying stage for Obersdorf was scheduled to start on Monday at 16.30 and the individual competition was planned for Tuesday.