Poles can travel freely to most EU countries from Monday

From Monday, Poles are able to travel freely to, among other countries, Greece and France. On Saturday, Poland abolished quarantine obligations on entering the country, as well as controls at internal EU borders.

On the night of June 12-13, Poland resumed full border traffic within the internal borders of the EU. This means that Poles and EU citizens can now enter and leave the country freely, without having to undergo quarantine. Random controls will be held at the border, as they had been before restrictions were introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Poles are able travel unhindered to EU countries that have decided on analogous steps, without having to undergo quarantine after entering these countries and upon their return to Poland.

Most EU countries have already opened their borders or were due to do so on Monday or Tuesday. However, trips to several of the countries may be still be associated with restrictions or undergoing quarantine.

Also, international flights from Poland are to be restored on June 16. The external borders of the EU remain closed.