Poles back higher taxes for the rich - study

The majority of Poles are in favour of the better-off paying higher taxes and support the changes proposed by the government's new economic programme, dubbed the Polish Deal, a recent poll has found.

A UCE Research study commissioned by the money.pl portal asked respondents how they assess tax hikes for Poles with the highest earnings, that is over PLN 10,000 (EUR 2,210) per FTE (full time employee), as well as reductions for the lowest earners, as proposed by the Polish Deal.

More than half of those surveyed praised the envisaged changes, with 24.3 percent assessing them as "definitely positive" and 32.3 percent as "quite positive."

On the other hand, 13.8 percent of respondents said the changes would be "definitely negative" and 12.3 percent assessed them as "quite negative," with 17.3 percent having no opinion on the matter.

Support for the tax changes included in the Polish Deal grows with age, the portal noted.

Among respondents aged 18-22, 12.2 percent were "definitely in favour" of such changes and 28.6 percent were "definitely against."

In the next age group, of 23-34 years, the support grows by leaps and bounds and 24.7 percent were "definitely in favour." Among the oldest age group, 55-80 years, 26.8 percent of respondents were "definitely in favour" of a tax cut for the least paid and a rise for the wealthier.