Poles are ready for return of coronavirus - daily

Macie Kulczyński/PAP

Poles are ready for another coronavirus attack, with most of them giving up plans for foreign trips and over 40 percent saving money for a rainy day, shows a poll published by the daily Rzeczpospolita on Thursday.

According to ARC Market and Opinion (ARC) researcher, 76 percent of Poles feared that the coronavirus epidemic would return, with 55 percent of them admitting that this fear had an influence on their everyday decisions.

Asked how they were preparing for a return of coronavirus, 56 percent declared they were not planning any foreign trips, 42 percent said they were saving money for a rainy day, and 36 percent were not buying tickets for cultural events.

Twenty-nine percent of the respondents admitted they had been seeking an alternative source of making money on the Internet, since they believed it could be the best source of income in the case of another lockdown. Fourteen percent decided to grow fruit and vegetables in order to become more independent, and four percent planned to buy a summer house so that they could move there, the daily wrote.