Pole first Omicron case in China

The first confirmed carrier of the new Omicron coronavirus in China is a Polish teenage girl, the Chinese sanitary services reported on Tuesday.

The Chinese newspaper the Global Times wrote that the girl had arrived in the Chinese city of Tiencin from Warsaw.

On Monday night Chinese media reported that the Omicron virus had been identified in Tiencin on December 9 in a passenger from abroad, but did not state the person's nationality.

The Global Times wrote that the girl has so far shown no symptoms.

The daily added that none of the other passengers on the flight that brought the girl to Tiencin have been diagnosed with the virus.

This is the first recorded case of infection by the Omicron virus in continental China.

The Polish Health Ministry told PAP on Tuesday that the situation surrounding the girl was "unclear," as she had tested negative for the coronavirus on December 6, prior to travelling to China.

The Ministry said the girl, who travelled to China with her mother, was currently hospitalised. It added that it was in touch with the girl and her family.