Pole decorated by Queen Elizabeth for remembrance of WWII veterans

Małgorzata Goddard, a Polish woman caring for the archives of Polish Veterans of WWII, which are in the possession of the British Ministry of Defence, found herself on a list of people decorated on the occasion the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, on Saturday.

Goddard, who works in the Polish archive section at the Northolt Royal Air Force station in West London, received the British Empire Medal for significant achievements in the civil service. The winners have the right to use the honorary abbreviation BEM after their name.

The archive contains data on the soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces under operational British command. Families seeking information about their relatives can contact the office at NOR-PolishDiscOffice@mod.uk.

British noble titles and other very important decorations are awarded twice a year: on the occasion of the New Year and on June 9, the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.