Pole arrested in de Vries killing

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

A 27-year-old Pole has been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of masterminding last July's assassination of popular Dutch crime reporter Peter de Vries.

The Pole, Krystian M., was arrested on Monday morning, Dutch prosecutors said.

De Vries was shot in July 2021 in Amsterdam shortly after leaving the RTL4 TV station. He died several days later in hospital.

Two men, including another Pole, are currently on trial in the Netherlands in connection with the killing.

Specialising in coverage of the crime scene in the Netherlands, de Vries was known for his uncompromising journalism, which made him hated by the Dutch underworld. He was also known for aiding the families of murdered and abducted children.

Krystian M. is also suspected of attempting to assassinate another Dutch national in October last year.