Polar research station in Antarctica to be revived after 40 years

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In this edition of The Debrief, we meet a team of intrepid scientists as they set sail for Antarctica on a mission to reopen the Dobrowolski research station, which was abandoned four decades ago...

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of Polish independence than by talking to four top-flight scientists, who under the leadership of Professor Marek Lewandowski from the Institute of Geophysics at the Polish Academy of Sciences, left this past week on a five-month mission to explore and reopen the Dobrowolski research station, which hasn’t been used since 1979.

On Wednesday 10 November the research team set sail on a Russian research vessel and icebreaker, the Akademik Fedorov, from the German port of Bremerhaven, where I managed to catch them in their cabin just a few hours before their departure to talk about what lies ahead for the mission.

Host John Beauchamp speaks to geologist and isotope geochemist Prof. Monika Kusiak, geophysicist and paleomagnetician Prof. Marek Lewandowski, ionosphere physicist Prof. Wojciech Miloch as well as geographer and geomorphologist Dr Adam Nawrot.

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