Poland's unemployment rises to 6.2 pct in January - Labour Ministry

The rate of unemployment reached 6.2 percent in January, having risen by 0.4 percent from December, Deputy Labour Minister Stanisław Szwed told PAP on Wednesday, adding that the first two months of the year were usually the toughest for the labour market.

At the end of January, the number of unemployed was 55,100 higher compared to the previous month and reached to 1.024 mln. The total figure was down 109,700 compared to January 2018.

Unemployment rises with the conclusion of the seasonal work period in agriculture, construction and tourism, and new unemployment registrations by people whose job contracts have expired.

"The increase also results from the fact that a number of employment programmes run by Labour Offices were concluded at the end of the year, and new ones haven't started yet. January and February constitute the most difficult period for the situation on the labour market," Szwed said.

In January 2018, Poland recorded a monthly increase in unemployment of 52,000 people, and an annual decrease of 109,700 people.