Poland’s support is important in difficult times – Ukrainian president


Poland has assured Ukraine of its support should it be threatened, and has voiced disagreement to Russia's aggressive conduct towards the country, a presidential aide said on Friday after talks between the Ukrainian and Polish presidents, Volodymyr Zelensky and Andrzej Duda.

Commenting on the talks on Twitter, Zelensky said he was grateful to Poland and Duda personally for supporting Ukraine's territorial integrity, independent statehood and Euroatlantic ambitions.

"I am grateful to the Polish people and Andrzej Duda for their consistent support of Ukraine's territorial, sovereignty and Euroatlantic integration," he wrote, adding that, "such backing is important in difficult times."

The two-day talks, held in the southern-Polish resort of Wisla, were devoted to Ukraine's current conflict with Russia, which has stationed large military forces on its border with Ukraine.

Recounting the talks on Twitter, Jakub Kumoch, head of Duda's international affairs office, said Ukraine could be sure of Poland's backing in the conflict.

"Ukraine will be able to count on Polish support if it is threatened," Kumoch said and added, "All aggression against Ukraine, large or small, will come at a high cost to Russia, mainly in the form of sanctions."

On Thursday, the first day of the talks, Kumoch said Poland stood by Ukraine in the conflict with Russia, and rejected Russian aggression towards the country.

The two presidents also discussed the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, transit issues and the situation in Belarus, Kumoch said.

He added that further Zelensky-Duda talks would take place in the coming weeks.