Poland's ruling party leader about Polish-Israeli declaration

The declaration signed by the Polish and Israeli PMs acknowledges Poland is right about its presentation of WW2 history, Poland's ruling party leader Jarosław Kaczyński said on Friday.

In a declaration, signed on Wednesday by the Polish and Israeli PMs in Warsaw and Tel Aviv, both prime ministers rejected ascribing complicity in Nazi atrocities during World War Two to Poland or the Polish nation. They also condemned all forms of anti-Semitism and anti-Polishness, and all nationality-based stereotypes.

In an interview with a Polish public radio broadcaster, Kaczyński stressed the Polish presentation of the WW2 history was simply true.

"If we had not done anything, we would surely not have achieved anything. We have taken certain steps and they have brought some effect," Kaczyński said.

"We have made a significant step on a road, which we should start to follow as the defamation campaign slandering Poles has continued for many, many years," the ruling party leader stressed, adding that this campaign completely changed the history of the Second World War. He emphasised that Poland was the first country to fight against Hitler and that this struggle continued until 1945.

"Unfortunately, this campaign brought about far-reaching results as far as awareness of world elites was concerned. Today we have started to follow a road leading in the other direction, but I believe that this path will be difficult," he went on to say, stressing that the desired goal could be achieved.