Poland's ruling coalition leads opinion poll, lacks majority

Poland’s governing coalition led by the Law and Justice (PiS) party retains its lead over the opposition, but lacks the votes needed to give it a parliamentary majority, another poll has found.

The Opinia24 poll published for private radio broadcaster RMF FM showed the ruling conservative coalition would score 29 percent backing if general election were to be held now.

Second in the poll came the Poland 2050 movement, with 24-percent voter support. The survey showed that another pro-EU grouping Civic Coalition would gain 20 percent of the votes. Together with another opposition party, the Left, with 9 percent backing, these anti-PiS parties would receive above 50 percent support.

However, the far-right Konfederacja grouping seen as a potential coalition partner for PiS would receive 8 percent support.

Meanwhile, Kukiz 15 (2 percent) and the Polish People's Party (2 percent) would have fallen below the 5-percent threshold required to win parliamentary seats.

Seven percent of respondents could not answer the question as to which party they would vote for.

The survey was conducted on a representative national sample of 3,007 Poles on March 1-7, 2021. General election is scheduled for 2023.