Poland's role as Germany's economic partner strengthens - report

Poland is currently the fifth most important foreign supplier to Germany, according to a recent report published by a German state-owned development bank KfW.

According to the report, since the 1990s, Germany has taken the first place on the list of countries for Poland's imports.

In 2019, mutual exchange was worth EUR 123.5 billion, with German imports of Polish products standing at 27.5 percent, with Polish exports at 21.4-percent. This placed Poland in sixth place on the list of Germany's largest trading partners, shortly behind China, the Netherlands, the USA, France and Italy, and ahead of Great Britain, KfW 's report reads.

"Poles and Germans can point to many common economic successes, and the economies of both countries are now closely related," the authors of the report said.

KfW, quoting forecasts of the European Commission, wrote that the fact that Poland will probably suffer the smallest economic loss among all EU states should positively influence the further development of close economic ties.