Poland's public administration to work from home due to Covid infections

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Public administration employees will have to work from home soon due to rising Covid infections but the government is unlikely to introduce any lockdowns, the health minister has said.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Adam Niedzielski said the obligatory "work from home" regime will be applied "wherever possible" in public administration.

"An ordinance on the obligation to work from home in public administration will be issued in a few days' time," Niedzielski said.

The health minister also appealed to private employers to switch to online work as Poland may see 50,000 new daily coronavirus infections next week.

"The results are very serious, indicating not only that we have entered the fifth wave (of the pandemic - PAP), but also that this wave will be growing very rapidly in the coming days," Niedzielski warned. "The last two days saw growth that we haven't seen before."

"Today's result is 30,586 new infections," the minister said. "We didn't see such a number in the whole fourth wave, I'm speaking of the previous wave in the autumn."

Niedzielski said that the highly-infectious Omicron variant of the coronavirus was on its way to gaining dominance in Poland, with the current share of the new mutation at 20 percent of all new cases.

However, the minister said the government will "rather" not resort to lockdowns, but will go in "the Covid certificate direction" instead.

At the moment, Covid certificates are not required in Poland to enter any public place.