Poland's position on hybrid threats from Belarus accepted by EU ministers

A Polish deputy interior minister has said that the statement regarding the situation in Afghanistan, issued by EU interior ministers, has taken into account Poland's position regarding migration instrumentalisation.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels on Tuesday, Bartosz Grodecki recalled that, on Monday, Poland had voiced some reservations regarding a draft declaration of EU interior ministers concerning the Afghan crisis.

According to a PAP source, Poland blocked the document as it insisted the statement should also refer to hybrid threats from Belarus.

"A statement regarding migration instrumentalisation has appeared in the declaration," Grodecki said.

"We believe that the instrumental use of migration processes and pressure exerted on EU countries should be seen as a hybrid threat," he continued, adding that Poland's proposal "has aroused the broad interest of EU members."

Grodecki added that Poland's remarks had been supported by Germany, Austria, the Visegrad Group countries and the Baltic States.

According to PAP's source, Poland, supported by the Baltic States as well as its Central European peers - the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - advocated for strengthening the declaration with clauses referring to hybrid threats and the need to increase EU resilience against such threats in the context of the Belarusian regime's recent actions which aim to spark a new migration crisis in the EU.

Belarus has been sending hundreds of migrants from the Middle East to its borders with Lithuania and Poland, sparking a migration crisis, as the two countries struggle to contain the wave of illegal migrants.