Poland's population to fall to 32.5 mln by 2060 MinFin predicts

Poland's population is expected to decline to 32.5 million in 2060 from 37.9 million in 2022 according to a demographic forecast by the Finance Ministry published by social insurer ZUS.

The population will drop further to 28.3 million by 2080, which means it will be smaller by 25.5 percent than today, the ministry wrote. 

Poland's working age population is seen declining by 7 million by 2060 and by 9.2 million or 41.4 percent by 2080 compared to the present level, the forecast also says.

"Demographic processes, through their strong and direct impact on the number of pensioners and the insured, have a significant impact on the financial condition of the pension fund," ZUS said in a comment attached to the forecasts.

"The results of the demographic forecast should in this context be regarded as disturbing, to say the least," ZUS added.