Poland's PiS wins second term in power

The State Electoral Commission (PKW) announced Monday evening the official results of the vote. Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Incumbent ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) and its junior partners won Sunday's parliamentary election and secured a ruling majority in the lower house of parliament, the State Electoral Commission (PKW) said Monday evening announcing the official results of the vote.

In the election to the Sejm (lower house), the conservative but socially-oriented PiS received 43.59 percent of the vote and its main contender, the centrist Civic Coalition (KO), led by the Civic Platform (PO), received 27.4 percent.

The Left, a coalition of three left-wing parties, running under the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) party banner, was supported by 12.56 percent. The agrarian Polish People's Party (PSL), which ran together with the right-wing Kukiz'15 movement, was supported by 8.55 percent of voters. The far-right Confederation was backed by 6.81 percent of voters.

According to the PKW, PiS won 235 seats in the 460-seat Sejm, KO will hold 134 mandates, SLD took 49 seats, PSL won 30, Confederation received 11 mandates. The German Minority will have one mandate.

PiS lost its majority in the 100-seat Senate, winning 48 seats. KO secured 43 mandates, PSL won 3 and SLD took 2. The four remaining seats went to independent candidates.

Voter turnout reached 61.74 percent, the highest in the past 30 years.

Poland will hold a presidential ballot this coming spring.