Poland's opposition puts forward a healthcare plan

The Civic Platform (PO), Poland's centrist opposition party, on Saturday presented a EUR 21.5 billion plan of mass health screening and subsequent treatment of Poles in a network of 100 hospitals.

Dubbed "the health package," the programme aims to improve the health condition of Polish society, but the chances of its implementation are slim due to the ongoing conflict between PO and the ruling conservative party, the Law and Justice (PiS).

Stressing that some 50,000 Poles have died of coronavirus so far, PO leader Borys said that a lot of others "have had no chance to be accommodated by the healthcare system.”

"We want to propose something unseen in the post-war history, a large-scale health programme which will become part of a healthy society," Budka said.

"We will screen all Poles, starting from the youngest ones to adults and senior citizens," he said.

People who have been diagnosed with a disease will be treated in "a network of a hundred no-limit hospitals," Budka continued.

Estimating the cost of the programme at PLN 100 billion (EUR 21.5 billion), Budka said the money could come from the EU post-pandemic recovery fund and its national part; profits generated by state-owned companies and the central bank; and scrapping some "absurd" budget spending, including subsidies to public broadcasters and multi-billion government investments.