Poland's opposition closing in on ruling camp in support poll

A new opinion poll shows that support for the ruling United Right camp its only two percentage points above than the backing for its closest rival, the main opposition Civic Coalition (KO) block.

According to first of two versions of a Social Changes survey for the wPolityce.pl web portal, 32 percent of those polled supported the ruling United Right camp and 28 percent supported the Civic Coalition (KO) grouping.

Voter support for the Left stood at 14 percent, while support for the far-right Confederation reached 11 percent. The Polish Coalition formed by agrarian Polish People Party and the Kukiz'15 movement received 3 percent of the votes. The poll was conducted before the Coalition ceased to exist.

In the second variant of the poll, which included Szymon Holownia's Poland 2050 movement, the pro-business, independent conservative movement placed ahead of the Civic Coalition.

The survey was carried out on November 27-30 on a nationwide representative sample of 1,070 Poles.